Mobile Touch 3.0

Mobile Touch

Reach Your Customers On The Go
Harness the power of your customer's mobile phone. It's a mobile world - don't you want your dealership to be able to cash in? Text messaging is the most popular and convenient way to communicate today. Just consider:

  • Fact 1: Most people are within just a few feet of their mobile phone at all times.
  • Fact 2: 98% of people respond to a text in less than 15 minutes.
  • Fact 3: 92% of US smartphone users send an average of 111 texts per week

Put these astounding facts to work for you. Consider how a quick response could increase the following ROI opportunities. Think of the power that DPS' Mobile Touch 3.0® platform can give to your dealership. It can:

  • Improve CSI by keeping customers updated throughout the service process
  • Increased service throughput by receiving authorizations in minutes vs. hours
  • Improved appointment show rates
  • Recapture of missed appointments

Your Text Advantage
Mobile Touch is built for response. For one low fee, you get unlimited text and an Internet-based dashboard that will leave you wondering how you managed your traffic flow without it. With Mobile Touch 3.0®, you can increase service appointment show rates and recapture appointments from those who missed theirs and keep customers better informed throughout the service process. Finally, it will allow you to avoid lost service productivity or even gain productivity by eliminating time on the service lift for customer authorizations.

Now in its third iteration, Mobile Touch has been built with the input of hundreds of dealer principals, service directors, and sales managers. Its streamlined interface will save time, increase throughput and customer satisfaction. Plus with the market penetration of smartphones, Mobile Touch 3.0 can be adapted beyond the automotive industry and into any customer-facing industry.