Social Media Marketing

DPS Social Media

Think social media's just for fun? Think again
Long considered to be a necessity with little merit, social media has been propelled to the spotlight in automotive advertising. If professionally managed, social media is a powerful revenue and brand awareness generator. Tying social media to your digital platform is the ultimate key to enhancing ROI. With 1.1 billion Facebook users and 500 million Twitter users, Socialbyte® social media management can help your dealership tap into that huge audience.

Target your message to your customers' desires
DPS' ability to segment ad placement based on consumer profiles built from utilizing the vast amount of information Facebook users enter into their personal profiles ensures your ads are seen by those in market for your goods and services. Ads are directed towards interests, Likes, and activities thus maximizing ad relevance and therefore performance. For every traditional ad you place through print, television, and radio, DPS will place a matching message through your social media channels as a means to even further your ROI.

Sales. Service. Parts. Finance. Social advertising is the perfect enhancement to digital marketing. Turn 'Likes' into dollars and discover the profits social media delivers. Socialbyte® can turn your social program into a marketing machine.