Mobility Pro

Mobility Pro iPad App

Increase mobility, increase customer satisfaction
Never let your service writers get tied down to a terminal ever again. With DPS' new Mobility Pro iPad App, you can have the power of every program installed on your service writers' database ready at their fingertips at all times. How? Our program gives you the ability to run database programs right from your iPad, allowing service writers to move with their customers. Our app, powered by Fast Lane Applications, will increase through-put and increase overall productivity as well as customer satisfaction.

Improved lead times and greater customer loyalty
This gives your employees greater customer interaction that cuts down significantly on waiting times. Service writers now have the capability to freely move around the automobile during the initial write-up. With Mobility Pro, you can fill out a multi-point inspection form within minutes and write and print a repair order - all while remaining in contact with the customer. This leads to greater customer satisfaction, faster lead times and greater customer loyalty over time.

Bulletproof security in a slick, high-definition package
Security is never a concern with the Mobility Pro solution. The app is only useable within the dealership's wireless connection and no information is stored within the iPad itself - the iPad merely acts as a terminal for the dealership's main server. This means that no customer data can be removed from the dealership's premises, giving your customers peace of mind. In addition, no DMS information is shared with third parties. This solution gives you the power of your desktop computer in the palm of your hand - with even better security.

Plus, because nothing is actually running off of the iPad, you have the access to all of the high-definition animated pictures and diagrams that come with today's automotive diagnosis programs. Thanks to the iPad's mobility, you are now free to use these high-def images as a sales tool while your customers sit comfortably in the waiting room.