DPS now an RCI Certified Partner

DPS Now RCI Certified

DPS now part of the Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) Program
For over a year, DPS has been collaborating with Reynolds & Reynolds to become an RCI vendor, and now, DPS can receive CRM data directly from Reynolds & Reynolds with no direct access to the the dealers' DMS. This gives Dealer Product Services a direct pipeline of data that allows us to be faster and more nimble with your data, giving us the ability to segment, analyze and execute programs more efficiently than ever before.

Capitalize on our partnership for bigger growth
This RCI Certification isn't just good for us, it's good for you, our customers. We have been working through the certification process in order to give our systems the ability to receive the data through the secure process developed by Reynolds & Reynolds. That means a lossless transition from your stores into our systems. But what does that mean for you? Our certification provides dealers with a slew of potential benefits. Here are just a few of these benefits:

  • Better Database Security - All data transferred between Reynolds & Reynolds and DPS is tracked and logged, and the direct transfer via encrypted and secure methods ensures your store is safe with DPS
  • No Third Party Access - The need for any third parties connecting directly to your DMS is eliminated
  • Improved Speed - Two standard systems means no time is wasted on data translation, and with no need for 3rd party involvement, the setup and data transfers are faster than ever
  • Direct Support from Reynolds & Reynolds - Now your Systems Administrators are spending less time working with vendors and more time working on tasks for your store
  • Greater Reliability - With support directly from Reynolds, we are now getting the support from the group that wrote your software and knows your data better than anyone

Begin lifelong customer relationships
We have always worked to create lasting relationships with our dealer-partners. By becoming RCI Certified, we have opened the door to all dealerships using Reynolds & Reynolds ERA CRM databases. But our partnership doesn't just end with this cert; we are willing to slice, dice and analyze any data that you need to increase sales in your business.

For more information about the RCI Program, visit http://www.reyrey.com/solutions/data_management/rci.asp