Dealer Product Services Becomes a Premier Google Partner

Premier Google Partner

Newest Google threshold ushers in new era for DPS Digital Media Group
In 2016, Google launched a new Premier Partner program and Dealer Product Services is excited to announce that we were named as one of Google's new Premier Partners. Beyond our old Certified Partner status, DPS earned the newly-created title for having built and maintained an outstanding reputation with Google AdWords in search marketing, and for establishing unparalleled brand trust with Google as a whole.

This new badge is an extension of the Google Partner program, and is designed to recognize those Partners who manage a substantial portfolio of Google advertising campaigns and who deliver great results for their customers. Premier Partners maintain additional certification requirements and receive increased support from Google.

Not only did DPS receive a Premier Partner status in the program's inaugural debut, but we also earned an additional company specialization badge in Search Advertising for our outstanding digital expertise. These company specializations are a way to recognize and differentiate agencies with specific product proficiency in certain areas.

New levels of performance for our clients

Gaining a Partner status gives agencies like Dealer Product Services many unique benefits in the digital field such as new performance reporting, dedicated account management eligibility, detailed listings in Google Partner Search, and much more.

These badges are recognition for all of the company's hard work and our command of the AdWords space. And they're a way for Google to help clients vet digital advertising agencies to bring customers and companies together for a higher quality search marketing experience for both. Through our new Premier Google Partner status, we hope to develop this present growth and recognition into future success for ourselves and our clients.